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The Header Bidding Evolution

For years, publishers were at the mercy of the waterfall. When partners couldn't deliver an impression, the next partner in line would get their turn to serve. This meant a lower CPM and more latency for you. A death trap for publishers.

Header bidding interrupted the space with a first look at inventory to drive up your revenue and stop publisher from throwing ad dollars into a black box ad server.

The header bidder grabs a bid from its own server and returns with a bid before your ad server fires. When your ad server does fire, the bid is injected into the auction so that it may participate with other partners, direct sales, and programmatic.

The Pubfood Advantage

Publisher Challenges

  • Ever present struggle between latency and revenue balance, and what timeout to set
  • "Heavy iron" header bidder integrations render quick tests impossible
  • Sync blocking JS calls from multiple header bidders
  • Header bidding code requires ongoing maintenance
  • Header bidder code scattered within publisher framework, sometimes with multiple timeouts per bidder

Pubfood Solutions

  • Achieve optimal setup by tapping into the Yieldbot engineering team
  • Get header bidders up in 72 hours!
  • Load header bidders async and set an appropriate timeout
  • Yieldbot support available to make tweaks
  • Pubfood organizes header bidder code into one succinct library under one timeout