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Configuring your Ad Server

Each header bidding partner likely has respective key-value pairs that are required for integration. Make sure to get these details directly from the partner, but the general steps below should cover the overall process.

Define Custom Keys

In DFP's Inventory Tab, create the (free-form) custom keys for all of the header bidder partners that you are integrating through Pubfood.js.

Line Item Setup

  • Create orders for each of the header bidders that you're integrating into Pubfood.js.
  • Within each order, you'll need to create line items for the different prices for each ad slot.
  • Depending on the header partner, the increments can be as granular as $0.10, or $0.01.

Line Item Settings

  • All header bidder partners should be set up with a line item type Price Priority. That way, it's a true auction and the partner with the highest bid will win the impressions.
  • Set the impression goal as none and the end date as unlimited.
  • Set a CPM value for each line item that corresponds with the price that will be used in the line item targeting.
  • Alternatively, publishers can still use waterfalls to manage auctions more granularly. Ensure that the correct KVPs are targeted for the bid values, and manage to your desired waterfall settings as appropriate.

Line Item Targeting

  • Target the line items to the correct DFP ad units.
  • Use the header bidder partners custom key and add in the targeting value that will be passed into the ad server by Pubfood.js for that specific line item.

    Example: ybot is MR:300x600:300

Notes: Individual bidder vendors may have an API tool to automate line item creation.